Interested Buyers

River Park does not maintain a list of units for sale or rent. If you want to access River Park sale or rental information, contact a real estate agent or visit a real estate website. Buyers must request a copy of the bylaws and member’s manual from their seller. Please note, all loans to purchase a unit at River Park must be made through a bank that has signed a recognition agreement with River Park.

See the approved lender list here.

This list is subject to change without notice. Before prospective buyers begin the financing process they should contact the River Park office or Assistant General Manager.

Interested Buyer FAQs

Yes, off-street parking is available to members with an additional monthly fee. Parking lots are gated and under 24 hour surveillance.

Yes. Members are allowed to renovate and alter unit interiors contingent on approval from River Park management.


Yes, after filing the proper documentation, owners may rent their unit for up to ten years.

The co-op maintains all building systems, structural, and common elements. Common elements include roofs, windows, walls, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and common areas. Maintenance and repair inside units and in private townhouse patios is a shared responsibility between the co-op and the member. Members are responsible for appliances, window treatments, screens, and anything else that’s not a permanent part of the building. Members are also responsible for maintaining improvements, alternations, and renovations while the co-op is responsible for maintaining original conditions inside units.

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LaTonya M Young-Lyons, General Manager